Mapar Makine End. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. was found in 1978. Two years after its founding the company started to produce parts of automotive sector. Accelerating its development with this move, Mapar Makina continued to grow by diversifying its client and product portfolios to include agricultural machines, heavy machines, assembly line equipment, etc. In 1997 the company started to use CNC benches and carried its capacity into the realm of modern scales and criteria. The company opened to the international market in 2004 by starting to produce various parts for an industrial type air conditioner manufacturer for the first time. All of this production was imported and continues to be imported.
In 2005 the company started to produce parts for some manufacturers in heavy machinery sector. All these parts also continue to be imported today.
In time, Mapar Makina has produced parts for various global brands operating in sectors like high voltage power lines and hydraulic systems. These productions also continue today.
Mapar Makina currently continues its production efforts at a facility with 4600 sqm. closed space established on a total area of 7650 sqm. in 2007 using own resources of the company, and 84% of its production is being imported to clients in the Europe, USA, China and many other countries.